The Vermont Council of Special Education Administrators
An Introduction to our Organization

The Vermont Council of Special Education Administrators has been active in leadership across Vermont for over 25 years.  The organization has supported Special Education Administrators, Superintendents, Principals, Special Educators, Independent Schools and many state organizations throughout the years.  We stay abreast of legislative issues at both the state and federal levels.   Our collaboration with our national organization - CASE (Council of Administrators of Special Educators a subdivision of the Council for Exceptional  Children) - continues to broaden our perspectives and inform us on the national level. Our goal is to provide leadership, support, collegiality and mentoring to all those who teach and lead in education and special education in Vermont. We are honored to be part of a state that invests in all of our children for the future of our state.


Upcoming Events:

Annual VCSEA Conference
December 3&4

Thursday Afternoon:
Understand and Address the Behavior and Learning Issues of Students with Slow Processing Speed:
Practical Strategies for All Educators
with Dr. Ellen Braaten

Stress! The Impact on the Brain and Behavior of Students with LD and ADHD and Other Needs: What to Know - What to DO
Dr. Jerome Schultz


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